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Money and Love- What Does It All Mean?

Dealing with finance related issues in relationships can be fun and stressful at the same time. You may, for instance, enjoy yourselves in the process of setting up a business with your partner but later on disagree on how to share out the profits.

Your partner may also misuse your combined earnings in ways that exploits or betrays your love and trust in him or her. In these cases, you may hold on to the idea of hanging on to make it work or calling it quits – a state of confusion psychologists refer to as cognitive dissonance. Money isn’t however the root of everything evil in relationships. There are occasions when it does more good than harm.

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Perspective Aspects

Whether money can build or destroy your relationship depends on how you look at cash as a couple. When you, for example, view money as means to survival, it’s possible for you to plan and build a better future by investing in ventures that can sustain your family for generations. Couples with this view share love bonds with no attachment to money and they usually invest jointly in stocks, bonds, real estate and other long-term commercial ventures.

When you look at money as a source of power, adoration or control, you may in this occasion have a lot of finance-related arguments. The highest earner in these relationships tends to dominate the partner with the lowest income – leading to contempt which may spring up infidelity, flaunting of domestic obligations and financial secrecy. These relationships are often fueled by cash hence they usually fall apart when money runs out.

The Spicy Side of Love

It’s true that though money can’t buy love, it accounts for a good chunk of the bargain. This is because you need money to dress well, smell nice and to project a seductive gait. In addition to these, flowers, surprise and anniversary gifts besides fine restaurant dinning cost money. It’s therefore difficult to spice up your relationship with torn pockets since spouses who spend on each other create mutual financial reliance which makes them feel that they need each other and they belong together.

Couples with money can also strengthen their love by increasing the number of things they do together. Taking on exciting health and fitness programs offered by high-end gyms is a good example. The gym may for instance have an in-house ski slope on which you can both learn something new; you can sign up for a workout schedule together. play a game of squash or tennis against each other before jumping into the sauna, steam, yoga or the cardio room. Money can therefore make or break your relationship depending on how you balance the cash equation together.

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